Thursday, February 3, 2011

the past

I decided to put up some pictures of the people, places, and things that inspired me to create this.
I went up to work with the natural building extraordinaire, Sunray Kelley, this summer. Good time - so glad I got to befriend him and Bonnie. I was out at his homestead doing various work - mostly on his new home. 

In this photo he is clearly enjoying a ride in his gypsy wagon. 

The garden house.... A couple cord of wood and the corn loving summer.

Sunray pulling a spruce out of the woods. Apparently the truck went down the side of a hill off of a logging road above Sunray's house and is still working hard.

The fireplace inside the garden house. 

      Sunray's first house. To the left is his first shop which was created into a house with an upstairs living area.
 The building site for the new house. We cleared the site, got the plumbing down, and started putting down insulation and the fixings for radiant heating.

It was a one Lloyd Kahn and his book, Builders of the Pacific Northwest, that introduced me to Sunray's work and a world of people I am amazed by. Get all of his books - they are wonderful and educational.

- Some friends and I explored Utah and California this summer. Here are some from coyote gulch in the Escalante River drainage.

My buddy Jono thinking "where now?". Yosemite Valley.

Sequioa National Park. priceless.


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